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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Big Brother

Big Brother
I had an hour or so to take pictures today when I was out looking for the last of the things I need to do up our families boat. My eye was caught by these two flags blowing around on Aucklands waterfront... I know flags have been done to death but i couldn't resist the connotations of this pic :)


  • Living in the states, many of us feel the same way regarding the US gov't. Right now, the country is dividing right down the middle with reference to currect affairs.
    The US news is heavily filtered by the gov't and one must be pressed to search news from overseas sources in order to really learn what's going on in the world. Increasingly, I am learning how much the world community is in conflict regarding their feelings for Americans: most dislike/hate us, but some still see/hope that we are friendly and ok for the most part.
    Furthermore, our country is being ruled by the rich. Its almost impossible for a working man to even buy a house.
    Currently my wife and I are looking for a new home in a new country as we feel more and more aliented as our own society is loosing everything we appreciated.
    anyway, just wanted you to know that there are americans that empathize with the worldly view that things are quite messed up here and its not the bucolic, righteous wonderland George paints it to be.

    By Blogger nick, at 9:17 AM  

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